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Silver Needle - White Tea

Harvested in the spring in Yunan Province, this tea consists of beautiful buds covered in a silvery down. Also known as Bai Hao Yin Zhen, this is one of the most prized teas in the world. The buds are plucked and placed in shallow bamboo baskets and dried in sun. This quick drying process allows for very little oxidation. Silver Needle has beautifully complex notes of chamomile and peach and can be re-steeped multiple times. For the best experience use the perfect water temperature and about 6-8oz of water. 

Tasting Notes: Honeysuckle, Grape, Peach
Region: Yunan, China | Elevation: 1000m
Serving: 3g | Temp: 75C | Steep time: 5min
Ingredients: white tea


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