Why partner with Genuine ?

Genuine Tea is not just a tea supplier, we are your tea partner. We curate ranges of our award-winning teas, organic herbal blends, microground tea lattes and Japanese Matcha to meet the needs of your clientele. We provide hands on training and seasonal iced tea and tea latte recipes to help boost sales.

We are leaders in the Third Wave Tea movement and proudly share a wealth of value-added knowledge with our wholesale partners.

Our dedication to transparency ensures that your baristas will be able to educate your customers about the attributes of your tea including caffeine content, region, elevation, and harvest date. As the tea industry continues to evolve, customers will demand this information.




Why do we get loose?

Loose Leaf Tea offers a superior quality whole leaf tea, better infusion, and high profit margins for cafes and restaurants.

The Genuine loose leaf tea program raises the bar on quality and allows for efficient, consistent, and truly exceptional service.

We provide all the tools and training you need to elevate your tea program.

- Minimalist canisters for convenient storage
- Interactive test tube display rack to boost sales
- Biodegradable drawstring tea bags for efficient service
- Custom wood mounted menu featuring your logo, as well as region and caffeine content of tea
- Dosing scoops/infusers and steepers
- Retail teas available for added revenue

Our award-winning farmer direct teas and herbal blends truly speak to the quality of Third Wave Tea - a movement from commodity tea to hand-crafted artisanal teas.


Better for you. Better for the planet!

Did you know that most pyramid tea bags are made from plastic? It's true. Google it =)

At Genuine Tea, we care about what's in your cup. From our award-winning, ethically sourced tea leaves to the earth-friendly material they are steeped in.

Our premium quality teas are also available in plant-based biodegradable pyramid tea bags.

Iced Tea Program

Iced Iced Baby
Why not stand out from the crowd with artisanal iced teas and unique tea cocktails? Our iced tea program is a great way to offer refreshing, made in-house products that offer phenomenal margins and will keep your customers coming back all summer long.

Our Genuine TEAm works around the clock to come up with new, innovative and delicious seasonal recipes to help boost sales and bring in new customers. We keep up on the trends and offer training and support on how to execute these recipes effectively and efficiently.

Our Iced Tea Program Includes:

- Bold and flavourful hot brew recipes
- Smooth and simple cold brew recipes
- Over-sized reusable hop bags for large batches
- Biodegradable tea bags for small batches
- Kegged CO2 or Nitro iced tea implementation

Katō Matcha

Soooo Matcha Better with Kato!

Matcha is a shade grown, Japanese green tea that has been stone milled into a fine powder. When drinking Matcha, the entire leaf is consumed offering 60x the antioxidants of spinach, 26 amino acids and a high L-theanine content. It gives you lasting energy and keeps you calm and focused throughout the day.

The Kato Family has been producing premium quality Matcha in Uji, Japan for generations. The secret? Playing Mozart to the tea leaves. This is happy Matcha.

Kato Matcha is the very best quality available for food service. It provides cafes with excellent profit margins and appeals to a new generation of tea consumer and those cutting down on their coffee intake.

Cultivar: Yabukita
Harvest: Summer
Region: Uji, Japan
Process: Shade grown, steamed, milled

The Kato Matcha program provides ceremonial grade Matcha as well as hands on training, seasonal recipes and retail tins for added revenue. We also provide all the tools you will need to elevate the customer experience and execute efficient and consistent Matcha beverages.

Our Matcha Starter Kit includes:

- Airtight canister for storage
- Dosing scoop
- Bamboo whisk
- Whisk Stand