Collection: Orange Pekoe Tea

Welcome to Genuine Tea's Orange Pekoe Tea Collection—a haven for the discerning orange pekoe tea lover who values the quality and taste that only orange pekoe teas can deliver. Our carefully curated selection is sure to hit the right spot -- we guarantee it.

Relish the smooth Cream of Earl Grey Tea or delight in our Organic Peach Apricot Tea, a fruity blend with a sweet finish. For those on-the-go, our Cream of Earl Grey Tea Bags made of whole leaf tea only offer convenience without compromising on taste (no tea dust here!).

Experience tranquility with our Organic Lavender Earl Grey tea, or indulge in classic flavours with our signature Earl Grey. For a unique twist, try our Organic Golden Green Tea or the spring-like freshness of our Darjeeling First Flush.

Our Orange Pekoe collection caters to the health-conscious, the environmentally aware, and those who appreciate genuine, organic living. Discover the genuine goodness of our Orange Pekoe Tea Collection—where every sip is a tribute to wellness and authenticity.