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Organic Turmeric Ginger - Herbal Tea

Organic Turmeric Ginger - Herbal Tea

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Formerly known as "Kashi Ginger" our Organic Turmeric Ginger herbal tea is a warming blend of Ayurvedic spices designed to calm, detoxify and aid in digestion. Turmeric is a well known anti-inflammatory and plays nicely in this blend by adding a warmth and depth of flavour. After three months of tireless R&D we finally landed on a the perfect ginger tea - at least we think so anyway!


Organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic lemongrass, organic lemon peel, organic licorice, organic orange peel

Tea Preparation Instructions

  • Serving: 1 tsp / 8 fl oz.
  • Temperature: 90°C
  • Time: 5 min
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