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Ruby 18 - Black Tea

Ruby 18 - Black Tea

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Ruby 18 is a truly unique tea. It is a hybrid between a wild grown Formosan tea and a Burmese Assamica. It is considered a black tea as it has been fully oxidized, which is very rare for Taiwan. However, this tea has made a name for itself due to its very unique taste and aroma. Grown near the beautiful Sun Moon Lake in Nantou, Taiwan, this tea is definitely one of our favourites!

Why #18? In Taiwan, whenever a new tea type is discovered and perfected, it will have a number allocated to it. Milk Oolong, aka Jin Xuan Oolong is #12, Jade Oolong is #13 and Ruby aka Hong Yu (or red jade) is #18. 



Organic black tea

Tea Preparation Instructions

  • Serving: 1 tsp / 8 fl oz.
  • Temperature: 95°C
  • Time: 4 min
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