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Moringa Chocolate Mint - Herbal Tea

Moringa Chocolate Mint - Herbal Tea

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  • Region: India, South Africa, USA, Egypt
  • Tasting Notes: Cacao Beans, Peppermint, Cinnamon
  • 100% Ethically Sourced
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Moringa Chocolate Mint herbal tea combines the delicate notes of Indian Cacao Beans and warming Cinnamon balanced with herbaceous moringa, peppermint and rooibos. The result is a complex, sweet and refreshing brew that seems to evolve from sip to sip. Moringa, often called the "Miracle Tree" is high in anti-oxidants and is said to help reduce blood pressure and may reduce inflammation as well as cholesterol. Cacao is said to help promote blood flow as well as improve mood and concentration.


Organic peppermint, Rooibos, Cacao beans, Cinnamon, Organic moringa, Calendula petals, Natural flavours

Tea Preparation Instructions

  • Serving: 1 tsp / 8 fl oz.
  • Temperature: 95°C
  • Time: 4 min
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