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Blueberry White Peony - White Tea

Blueberry White Peony - White Tea

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White teas are the least processed of all the tea types. They are simply picked and withered in natural sunlight then briefly piled and baked to ensure that the moisture is removed. This step prevents any further oxidation and enzyme activity. Our Blueberry White Peony is made from the delicate and grassy Bai Mu Dan aka "white peony" from Fujian province. It by hand-blended in Toronto with blueberry, currants, elderberries and hibiscus to create a lightly sweet and refreshing flavour profile.


White tea, Blueberry, Currants, Elderberry, Apple, Hibiscus, Cornflower petals, Natural flavours (organic compliant)

Tea Preparation Instructions

  • Serving: 1 tsp / 8 fl oz.
  • Temperature: 75°C
  • Time: 4min
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