Wholesale Tea & Matcha

Comprehensive tea programs to cafes, restaurants, offices and hotels.

Genuine Tea specializes in direct-trade teas, ceremonial Japanese Kato Matcha, fresh blend Chaiwala Chai, and organic herbal blends.

We are not just a tea supplier, we are your tea partner. We work closely with our wholesale clients to customize a tea program that fits the needs of your clientele. This includes a complimentary starter kit, drawstring tea bags, seasonal recipes, hands-on training and on-going support. 

Founders, David and Sarah, have personally visited numerous tea plantations and have learned first-hand about tea harvesting, cultivation and processing. Genuine Tea is leading the third wave tea movement and imports premium quality loose leaf teas and Matcha directly from the source. This means our tea is fresh and free of artificial colours and flavours. Our direct-trade model enables us to offer competitive pricing and a transparent supply chain.

Along with fresh, high quality teas, we offer a wealth of value-added knowledge including caffeine content, harvest date and elevation at which your tea was grown. As the tea industry continues to evolve, customers will be demanding this information. We help like-minded business owners elevate their tea offerings to match the quality of their specialty coffee programs.

Learn More About Wholesale

If you value freshness, transparency and fair compensation for the farmers, we want to work with you! To learn more about our wholesale programs and set up a tea cupping with our team, please email info@genuinetea.ca.  

our tea wholesale program offerings

    For more information about our comprehensive wholesale tea and Matcha programs, feel free to email us at: info@genuinetea.ca