Mana Organics

From changing weather patterns and soil erosion to a reliance on harmful pesticides, there are a number of sustainability issues surrounding the production of tea. Tea is the second most consumed beverage on the planet, and as such, millions of people around the world depend on tea picking and cultivation for their livelihoods. At Genuine Tea, we believe in promoting sustainable agriculture, transparency and fair compensation for all players along the supply chain. For these reasons, we have partnered with the social enterprise, Mana Organics, in India.
Mana Organics encourages rural development through the implementation of organic farms and farming practices among Indian farmers. Organic farming is a sustainable approach to agriculture that integrates knowledge and practices from traditional farming, ecology, entomology, and soil science. It avoids the use of modern farming chemicals, such as pesticides and fertilizers, and focuses on using natural, local ingredients for pest control, and improving soil fertility. This helps to maintain the natural ecological balance as well as contributes to farmer communities becoming more self sufficient and less dependent on commercialized industrial inputs.
Mana Organcs
Mana Organics has connected us with organic farmers in India in order to source our teas directly. Traditionally, after tea is harvested, it is sent to an auction house where large corporations purchase the tea in bulk for the lowest possible price. This approach means little is left for the plantation owners and their workers. By cutting out the middle man and sourcing directly, not only is our tea extremely fresh, but it also means fair compensation for the farmers.