Iced Tea Program

Iced Iced Baby

Why not stand out from the crowd with artisanal iced teas and unique tea cocktails? Our iced tea program is a great way to offer refreshing, made in-house products that offer phenomenal margins and will keep your customers coming back all summer long.

Our Genuine TEAm works around the clock to come up with new, innovative and delicious seasonal recipes to help boost sales and bring in new customers. We keep up on the trends and offer training and support on how to execute these recipes effectively and efficiently.

Our Iced Tea Program Includes:

  • Bold and flavourful hot brew recipes
  • Smooth and simple cold brew recipes
  • Over-sized reusable hop bags for large batches
  • Biodegradable tea bags for small batches
  • Kegged CO2 or Nitro iced tea implementation