Valerian Dream Benefits

Have you ever felt wired, but tired? Or maybe you’re a shift worker and your schedule doesn’t really allow you to wake up with the sun and go to bed with the moon (me for 10 years!). Perhaps, you’re overwhelmed in life and when you go to bed, your mind starts thinking about the long list of things you want to accomplish tomorrow. Hello again, busy brain.  Enter, Organic Valerian Dream by Genuine Tea Co. This nutritionist formulated blend contains just what you need to help you drift off to sleep without feeling groggy the next morning. Here are some of my favourite tips for a good night’s sleep. 

Organic Valerian Dream Sleep Tea

Our cortisol should be highest in the morning to help us wake up. This stress hormone slowly falls as the day progresses and melatonin rises to make us feel sleepy. I recommend looking towards the horizon in the morning or even better, getting out for a walk. Ideally, your climate is sunny and this signals the brain it’s daytime. I live on the rainy westcoast, but I still try to get outside! To support your circadian rhythm in the evening, I recommend avoiding as much artificial and fluorescent light as possible. I love low lighting and warm tones, even red. This applies to cell phones and tv screens right before bed too. 

If you’re a big coffee or tea drinker, pay attention to what time you have your last caffeinated beverage at. Each person metabolizes caffeine at different rates and it often stays in the body for 6-10 hours after consumption. I love switching to herbal infusions after 1 pm. Have you tried Gut Feeling yet? The perfect tea for after lunch!

A cool dark room is ideal for sleep. A tidy room also impacts how you feel in the space. If it’s cluttered and needs organizing, you won’t feel relaxed. A great habit to adopt is reading in bed for 15 minutes prior to sleep. I do this while sipping Valerian Dream. This sleep tea contains relaxing lemon balm and chamomile with sedative passion flower and valerian root. Synergistically, this blend of herbs work by relaxing the nervous system, supporting sleeplessness and reducing anxiety. These herbs can also be used if feeling anxious, having panic attacks or feeling generally irritated. 

Did you know valerian is often referred to as ‘plant valium?’ After all, it was around first so don’t dismiss how powerful and beneficial these herbs are. Valerian root tastes quite earthy, however this blend is enjoyable to sip thanks to apple and spearmint. 

Time to turn off the laptop, brew some tea and read my book before bed. Here’s to a good night’s sleep!

Jordan Bruce, RHN

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