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Organic Valerian Dream Sleep Tea - Herbal Tea

Organic Valerian Dream Sleep Tea - Herbal Tea

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Have you ever felt wired, but tired? Or maybe your schedule doesn’t really allow you to wake up with the sun and go to bed with the moon? Perhaps, you’re overwhelmed in life and when you go to bed, your mind starts thinking about the long list of things you want to accomplish tomorrow. Hello again, busy brain! Enter, Organic Valerian Dream - formulated in collaboration with nutritionist Jordan Bruce, RHN, this herbal blend contains just what you need to help you drift off to sleep without feeling groggy the next morning and also available in plant-based pyramid tea bags.

Designed to help you fall to sleep at night, Organic Valerian Dream contains relaxing lemon balm and chamomile with sedative passion flower and valerian root.

Synergistically, this blend of herbs work by relaxing the nervous system, supporting sleeplessness and reducing anxiety. These herbs can also be used if feeling anxious, having panic attacks or feeling generally irritated.

Click here to read all the Benefits of Organic Valerian Dream by Jordan Bruce, RHN.



Apple*, Lemon balm*, Spearmint*, Chamomile*, Passion flower*, Valerian root*, *Organic

Tea Preparation Instructions

  • Serving: 1 tsp / 8 fl oz.
  • Temperature: 95°C
  • Time: 4 min
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