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Glass Iced Tea Jug w/Filter

Glass Iced Tea Jug w/Filter

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Looking for the perfect way to make iced tea?

Check out our 1.5 litre Iced Tea Jugs. They are hand crafted and made of 100% Borosilicate Glass and can withstand temperatures from -20C up to 150C. If you prefer a cold brew OR a hot brew method, these do a fantastic job with no mess.

At a 1.5 litre capacity - they are a great size for making enough iced tea for yourself or to serve the whole family around the dinner table!

How do you use the Iced Tea Jug?

  • Simply add 4-6 tsp of your favourite loose leaf tea
  • Fill up with hot water
  • Steep for 3mins+ (varies by tea type)
  • Discard leaves
  • Allow to cool + refrigerate!
  • Fill cup with ice + top up with your Fav Tea!
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