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Milk Oolong

Milk Oolong comes from the Jin Xuan cultivar grown in Taiwan. It has a beautiful floral aroma with a smooth, milky taste.

Legend has it, the moon saw a comet flying through the night sky. The moon quickly fell in love with the beauty and elegance of the comet however, the comet met upon a cruel fate as it entered the earth's atmosphere. The moon became very upset and in her sadness she blew a cool wind through the mountains over the tea fields. When a tea farmer awoke the next day he found that the cool wind had created a sweet milky flavour in his tea leaves - the 'Jin Xuan' Oolong, aka Milk Oolong was born. 

Our Milk Oolong is a favourite among tea enthusiasts, it can be steeped multiple times and the full, hand-rolled leaves unfurl fully in your cup. 

Tasting Notes: Orchid, Apple, Cream
Region: Nantou, Taiwan | Elevation: 1000m
Serving: 3g | Temp: 90C | Steep time: 3-5min
Ingredients: oolong tea
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Canada Canada
Great quality Milk Oolong

Very pleasant mellow milky taste, nice aroma.

Emily R.
Canada Canada

I really like this tea! It has a great flavour!

Elyse R.
Canada Canada
Wow! My new favourite!

My personal favourite! I Cant believe how creamy and delicious this tea is. Wow!

Canada Canada

i used to buy milk oolong from whittard tea. but the shipping fee is so expensive. so lucky to find this milk tea in canada! love milk oolong!

Kelli E.
United States United States
The best milk oolong

This milk oolong is so fragrant and delicious! As soon as I opened the package, I smelled how wonderful it was going to be. It smells lightly like buttered popcorn but that taste does not come through when drinking it. It’s a very smooth tea and I really enjoy my 2 cups in the mornings.

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