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Matcha Uji | Ceremonial Grade

This is a ceremonial grade, summer harvest Matcha from the finest tea growing region of Uji, Kyoto. We work very closely with the Kato family who have owned their plantation for generations and follow strict guidelines for making authentic, pure ceremonial Japanese Matcha.

The entire plantation is shaded for up to two weeks before harvest - this ensures that the leaves are supple, vibrant and nutrient rich. The veins and stems of the leaves are then removed to reduce any astringency in flavour. The leaves are then steamed to arrest oxidation. The steaming process is one key difference between Japanese teas and Chinese teas. Steaming ensures that the leaves are not burnt and provides a beautiful, rich colouration as well as a high chlorophyll content. After the leaves are dried, they are milled into the beautiful green powder called "Matcha".

We import our Matcha directly after it has been milled - this ensures that it is very fresh. Matcha is very sensitive to oxygen and sunlight and should be consumed within 6 months and should always be kept in an airtight container. 

1) Sift* half a teaspoon of Ceremonial Matcha Uji into a preheated vessel
2) Add 1oz of 75ºC water and
3) Whisk to create a consistent level of foam 
4) Top up with desired amount of hot water or steamed milk 

*the sifting process is not crucial, it simply helps break up the tea evenly and ensures a more consistent Matcha paste

Region: Uji, Japan | Elevation: 600m
Ingredients: stone-milled Japanese Matcha green tea

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