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Organic Dragonwell

Voted best green tea in the Toronto Tea Festival, 2016 - our Dragonwell is a pesticide-free, wild grown green tea from the famous West Lake region of Zhejiang Province. 

This highly prized Chinese green tea is expertly crafted by hand. The Tea Master uses a large wok to pan-fire the leaves and with his fingers, he flattens the leaves against the side of the wok. This process creates a flat, blade-like appearance in the leaf and a complex nutty, toasted flavour profile.

The name Dragonwell comes from a legendary well in the West Lake area that has incredibly dense water - as the well water mixes with the river and rain waters, the form of a Chinese dragon appears.

Dragonwell is considered an Imperial tea and was granted as such in the 17th century when the Emperor's grandson visited the West Lake region. He was so impressed by the quality of tea that he granted the 18 tea bushes in the area Imperial status. These tea bushes are still alive to this day and their leaves are auctioned off annually for astronomical sums of money.

Tasting notes: Chestnuts, Cut Grass, Peas
Region: West Lake, Zhejiang, China | Elevation: 1200m
Serving: 3g | Temp: 75C | Steep time: 1-2min
Ingredients: organic green tea
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Linda S.
Awesome experience.

Im not a flavour tea drinker so this was a new experience for me. It was the best move I ever made love my teas.

Wendy F.
Canada Canada
Organic Dragonwell

Love it the quality was excellent and the brewing instructions were extremely helpful

Michelle S.
Canada Canada
The well is full.

Love this tea. I only drink organic and normally I’m exclusively a Jasmine Green tea drinker, however Genuine doesn’t offer organic. The Dragonwell has a pleasing and bold flavour, which I like. I don’t like mild/watery green tea. Will definitely purchase again.

Jordan H.
Canada Canada
Unbelievable quality & taste

I am amazed by the freshness of the tea leaves, as well as the taste, even after re-filling for a second cup.

Rudy S.
Canada Canada
Great Tea

Good quality, shipping and services. Fully recommended.

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