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Imperial Jasmine Green Tea

This Imperial grade Jasmine green tea is a spring harvest from Fuding and grows on the borders of Zhejiang and Fujian provinces. The mao jian green tea leaves are stored at a low temperature until the summer Jasmine blossoms have opened. The Jasmine blossoms and green tea are then piled and tossed together. This process can be repeated as many as six times to ensure that the tea properly absorbs the scent of the blossoms.

Jasmine is believed to have been introduced to China over two thousand years ago from Persia. However, the popularity of Jasmine tea was really spurred by European traders between the 16th-19th centuries as demand in Europe skyrocketed.

The scent of Jasmine promotes a sense of well-being and relaxation and is commonly consumed in China during and after meal time as it is believed to help settle the stomach.

Tasting Notes: Jasmine, Grape, Cut Grass
Region: Fujian, China | Elevation: 800m
Serving: 3g | Temp: 80C | Steep time: 1-2min
Ingredients: green tea, jasmine blossoms
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Wendy W.
Canada Canada
Jasmine tea

Love genuine tea

Esther C.
Canada Canada
Great tea!

Overall great tea! I use it as a daily tea for sipping since it's at a great price too. Love that you can see the jasmine petals in the tea which is an indication of higher quality tea and that it's sourced from the province (Fujian) where the best jasmine comes from! It has a super strong taste so definitely kept to the package steeping instructions, but because of the strength you can resteep a number of times (double the steeping time each time), I usually brew a pot and resteep the same leaves all throughout the day and the flavour lasts me the whole day (about 5 steeps most of the time). The jasmine scent and flavour comes through really well unlike a certain teal blue retailer (wink wink) that I used to purchase from for the same price as them!

Canada Canada
Amazing :)

Definitely the best Jasmine tea I've had! It's so fragrant and wonderful, compared to other brands I've had!

Fatima L.
Canada Canada
Jasmine tea

Very tasty

Angie M.
Canada Canada
Imperial Jasmine Tea

Love this tea- best Jasmine tea I have ever had!

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