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Organic Genmaicha

This lightly grassy summer harvest Organic Sencha has been blended with roasted brown rice providing a savoury, nutty profile that is delightfully thirst quenching. Legend has it that in the 15th century, a Samurai was being served tea by his faithful servant - Genmai. As Genmai poured the tea, some roasted rice fell from his sleeve into the tea. In a fit of rage, the Samurai beheaded poor Genmai for ruining his tea. The Samurai then tasted his spoiled tea only to find that the rice had actually improved the flavour by adding a toasted, nutty flavour to it. 

However, the true origins of Genmaicha actually have a much more recent history. In the early 20th century, a tea house in Kyoto began blending roasted rice with their teas because the cost of fine tea was very expensive for the everyday person. Genmaicha soon became very popular and is now a staple of every Japanese household.

Tasting Notes: Pine Nuts, Rice, Cut Grass
Region: Kyoto, Japan | Elevation: 800m
Serving: 3g | Temp: 80C | Steep time: 1-3min
Ingredients: green tea, roasted rice
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Mary P.
Beautiful tannin aftertaste

I love this tea. I ordered it for the first time to try another green tea and it's my new favourite. Plus it's low in caffeine so I can drink it any time of day.

Don D.
Canada Canada
Ok, but disappointed...

Hi. It was ok but in my opinion didnt have much infusion of the rice and popcornish taste I was looking for...

Ruth K.
Canada Canada
Excellent teas!!

Each of the teas are delicious

Karyn S.
Canada Canada

I am a huge fan of this amazing company and its wonderful products. I LOVE tea and especially those from Japan, and Genuine has several amazing ones. As well, David and Sarah (and their adorable little onr) are lovely people, dedicated to what they do. I only patronize Genuine Tea for my 'tea fix'! Thank you, Genuine Tea, for making me very happy! Karyn in Toronto

May C.
Canada Canada
Smooth and amazing

The best and smoothest genmaicha is from Genuine Tea! It's my go to for green tea, delicious.

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