Grosche Fresno Double Walled Cup

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The FRESNO double-walled insulated glasses are a classic design that is comfortable to hold and sip from. They are perfect for hot drinks like coffee or tea and also suitable to use as Whiskey glasses, Scotch glasses or wine glasses. They come in a set of two and can hold 270 ml (9.2 fl oz). These insulated glasses do not have a handle.

What are the benefits of double-walled glassware?

These glasses offer insulation for the drinks in them, and for your hands as well. On average a drink will say warm roughly twice as long in this kind of cup than in a regular ceramic mug. And since they insulate your drink, you will not get condensation on the outside when you’re enjoying a cold beverage, leaving no drips on your tabletop. No more coasters needed.

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